Reflections of Christ Music - Photography - Sheet Music
An inspiring collection of photography, video, and music depicting Christ's life in the New Testament. In collaboration with photographer Mark Mabry, pianist and composer Clyde Bawden, and film maker Cameron Trejo, I produced the music for the Mesa Arizona Temple Visitor's Center gallery exhibit, the DVD documentary, and a full length CD. Three versions of the gallery went on tour throughout the country for several years. The original 5 track exhibit score is now expanded into a 12 track full length album featuring Clyde Bawden, Freddie Ashby, Alex Boye, Melynda Brimhall, Catherine Papworth, Brandon Brown, Hope Shepherd, and the Alston Sisters. Reflections of Christ Video Clips

Reflections of Christ: Another Testament
The continuation of the first Reflections of Christ, Another Testament is music about Christ's visit to the Americas. Photography and video for this project was shot in Honduras in April 2009.

Come See The Light
Come See The Light tells the glorious witness of Christ ministering to the Americas after His resurrection, 3 Nephi put to song. Composed by Jason Barney, performed by Freddie Ashby vocals and Clyde Bawden piano, orchestrated by Sam Cardon. Created for the Another Testament project.

Come Ye Disconsolate
Reflections of Christ, Another Testament, Clyde Bawden, Freddie Ashby, Jason Barney

Behold The Man
By Clyde Bawden and Jason Barney, Sung by Freddie Ashby

Praise To The Man
By Clyde Bawden and Jason Barney, Sung by David Osmond

Come Unto Jesus
By Clyde Bawden, Jason Barney, Matt Millet, Sung by Citrus Heights Stake Youth

Trust in Me
By Ellie Sell

Jesus The Christ - Mesa Arizona Easter Pageant
New 2022 Music Score by Rob Gardner

Cinematic Pop - YouTube Channel
Amazing orchestral pop by Rob Gardner. Recorded by Richard Talbot. Mixed by Rob at Talmage Studios.
(New in 2020: Bohemian Rhapsody)
Cinematic Pop Featured Twice in 2018 Winter Olympics
Vincent Zhou | Deseret News | Bustle Article | Billboard Magazine

Chick Corea Piano MIDI Disklavier Demonstration
Disklavier MIDI Files Performed by Chick Corea Recreates on the Talmage Studio Yamaha DC7

Are You Really There? | Church Web Site
McKenna Breinholt, Dustin Christensen, Sam Cardon, Richard Talbot

Both Sides Now (Michelle Moyer) | Audio

Silent Night by Michelle Moyer and Clyde Bawden
Commentary by Glenn Beck

Hear Him: Musical Celebration of the Restoration

Fortress Stone Video - An Anthem to the Constitution
Jordan Bluth vocals. Video by Steve Porter. Music and lyrics by Jason Barney. Orchestration by Lisle Moore. (More click here)

Believe Again Christmas Album

Brighter Days Ahead Christmas Album

I Know That My Redeemer Lives
Michelle Moyer and Clyde Bawden

I'll Turn To Him (Michelle Moyer)

McKenna Breinholt - O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
Cello by Zack Clark. Video by James Adams.

McKenna Breinholt: Be Still, My Soul
Inspiring hymns with McKenna's incredible voice.

Wondrous Night
By Stacy Smith (Arranaged by Jason Barney)

I Will Be a Wiseman
By Rebecca Nelson

In a Manger - A Children's Christmas Song
By Monica Scott

A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief

Pioneer Strong | Full Trek Video | Sing Along

"Jesus, Lover of My Soul" from the album Wonder - Jordan Bluth & Kaitlynn Kleinman Bluth

Video Project: Be Still, My Soul
Deeply moving message of hope in the face of extreme trials. Sung by the amazing Jill Chipman and recorded by Richard Talbot. The love and atonement of Christ is not for the perfect (of which there are none). It is for the fallen (all of us). Having seen many courageous people find their way through the darkest of dark to come out bright an whole, I see this message as totally real and relevant. Presented by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Gilbert Temple Cultural Celebration - March 1, 2014
12,000 amazing youth gather for one night of singing, dancing, and celebration for the new Mormon Temple in Gilbert Arizona. It rained like crazy and the stage ended up a bathtub, but the energy, electricity, and spirit was beyond powerful. Original music by Bobby Madsen plus adaptions of other great songs. Music produced, directed, and recorded by Jason Barney.

Glenn Beck Presents: Believe Again (Christmas 2013)
Over the course of a week, nine musical artists of different styles, backgrounds, and faiths were invited by Glenn Beck to compose, arrange, and record as a unit. Glenn Beck’s vision of a traditional Christmas collides with a relevant sound, rooted in the spirit of Christmas. The album features a few traditional arrangements in "Oh Holy Night" and "Oh Come All Ye Faithful", as well as dramatic resets to other Christmas classics. Three new original Christmas tunes are also featured. Believe Again is sure to have you dancing and crying in the same sitting.

Glenn Beck's Restoring Love Event (2012)

On July 28, 2012, Glenn Beck filled Dallas Cowboys stadium. In collabortion with pianist/composer Clyde Bawden and Orchestrator Lisle Moore, I helped create the orchestral music for two videos, underscore for the keynote speech, and the Theme Anthem. Anyone who loves America, believes it has been a blessed and exceptoinal nation, and believes it's greatest days should be yet to come will be inspired and well taught by Glenn's message. It was an amazing experience being part of that, working closely with Glenn, Clyde, and Lisle for five months creating just the right music to deliver that message. For more Restoring Love links, go here.

Glenn Beck Keynote Speech With Underscore
History of America
John Winthrop
Clyde and Glenn
Amazing Grace Jam Session

Man in the Moon - By Glenn Beck
"America" performed by Michelle Moyer and Clyde Bawden were the opener to Glenn Beck's amazing dramatic presentation of "Man in the Moon" in Salt Lake City, summer 2013. (Studio Video)

Jennifer Lind Smith
Beautiful voice, beautiful songs, beautiful performances. Its not folk, its not cowboy, its not country. Its all that together and more. New CD now available for purchase. Listen to samples.

Jim Pipkin - Rebel Souvenirs
(YouTube Music)

The Dorsets - Groove
(YouTube Music)
Produced by Scott Nowak

William Joseph Music Videos
Amazing piano performances by acclaimed pianst William Joseph.

Three 2U Deep Peace
Portions recorded at Talmage Studios
Produced by Richard Talbot

Rob Gardner (Spire Music)

Here Is Hope (2021 Gibert Stake Easter Concert)

Fallin' In Love With Utah - Rosevelt Sings (YouTube)

Michelle Moyer - Held
Recorded at Talmage Studios - Produced by Richard Talbot

Après un Rêve by Cassandra Ewer

Redhill - 80s cover medley ("Your Love", "Don't You Want Me" & "Come On Eileen")

Like I'm Gonna Lose You (Meghan Trainor) Evie Clair and Josh Mortensen

Billy Dean: Two Fathers
Produced by Richard Talbot

Three2U singing 'Diamond Rio' cover song "One More Day"
Produced by Richard Talbot

Joy to the World by Dustin Snow
Produced by Richard Talbot
All Videos - Purchase Music Online

Vanessa Joy
Featuring Marvin Goldstein "Joy To The World" Christmas album.
Tracking and Mixing by Richard Talbot

Susan E Adams
"The Heart's Longing" album.
Produced by Richard Talbot

Fabio D'Andrea
Produced by Richard Talbot
Purchase Music Online at iTunes

High energy country and bluegrass crossover trio. Lot's of original music.

Chuck E Baby and Pedja
Produced by Scott Nowak at Talmage Studios

MC6 A Cappella Group
Produced by Richard Talbot at Talmage Studios 

The New Christy Minstrels
The legendary folk group and Grammy winning Minstrels are together again. Their reunion CD was recorded here at Talmage Studios. In 2008 we completed the re-make of the Merry Christmas II.

See the article in the Arizona Republic here on Talmage Studios.

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